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Starting from a need for a creative outlet in 2017 and quickly blossoming into their brand, Arisan Woods, we are a husband and wife team with two wonderful young children that perfectly complement one another in what they do and make.

With an eye for design and detail, each of their items is carefully handcrafted with the credo “if we wouldn’t want it in our home, we won’t allow it in yours”. From handcrafted live edge charcuterie boards that are silky smooth to the look and touch, to one of a kind furniture items, carefully select each and every piece of wood they use. The woods they use are what they call “Fallen Wood”, from trees that either fell naturally, or needed to be cut down for a variety of ethical purposes.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the woods they work with, we often aren’t entirely sure what the finished item will look like as it comes to life under their hands. That inspiration along with a want to teach their children the value of sustainability and giving back is what recently birthed Arisan Woods. Under their new brand, a portion of the proceeds from each and every wood item they sell goes to reforestation on a worldwide scale. Partnering with a not for profit called One Tree Planted, in their first few months of business they have already planted more than 500 trees in the devastation of 2017’s BC forest fires.

The warmth and beauty of a handmade wood product is everlasting. Under Arisan Woods, they hope to do the same for natures forests.

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