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This gorgeous one of a kind was rescued from the California fires of 2016.

Redwood burl is a sought after wood due to its rarity, beauty and the fact that it is a protected species makes it especially hard to come by.

Redwoods can withstand up to 100 forest fires and are resistant to rot and pests. This piece was cut from a tree that had succumbed to fire, and we hope we were able to do it justice in preserving its story.

It too more than 3 painstaking days of wire brushing the chair and ash from its edges, but to tell the story of the fire it went through, we painted out epoxy to its edge to preserve it for all time.

Sanded to 400 grit, the top and bottom have been finished with a scratch resistant conversion varnish, to further protect it.

The hairpin legs were custom blacksmithed from 1/2" square bar stock, and elegantly made to rest on the corner of the leg bottoms.

Made by nature, enhanced by hand.

California Redwood Burl

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