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*****Before checking out this item, Please contact us for a shipping quote. *****

This gorgeous, one of a kind California Redwood Burl was hand picked and lovingly made to show off the natural figure and live edge of the majestic tree that it came from.

Of all exotic woods, Redwood Burl is one of the most prized. These stately trees can withstand up to 100 forest fires and due to protections, are only harvested in the event that a fire is able to bring one down. Each Redwood grows a single Burl on its trunk, of which that burl contains the entire genetic history of its owner. The burls will literally be harvested as soon as the fires die down enough for loggers to get into the brush. They then slab the wood with chainsaws on site before hauling them out of the bush to be kiln dried before selling rough cut.

When we received this piece in particular, there was still ash throughout most of the bark that was left on it, and the milling marks from the chainsaws were almost .5" deep.

After flattening the slab, we then brushed away all of the ash on the live edge that goes all the way around the burl to preserve the history and story of the years it survived before the fires finally brought it down. The next step was to sand the wood until it was baby smooth.
As a finish, we used a spray finish Conversion Varnish that has been buffed to a sheen, enhancing the natural beauty and figure of the Redwood Burl.

As a piece of functional art, this beautiful Redwood Burl comes with 3 Prong Hair pin legs( Black or Copper in colour), but could easily otherwise mounted to a wall as a statement piece to be admired by all. The warmth and beauty of this rare wood will be one to be appreciated for many years to come.

If you would prefer it as a mounted piece rather than a table, please let us know in the comments on check out and I will pre-attach a heavy duty cleat so that it can easily be wall mounted.

California Redwood Burl Coffee Table- 63"x38"x3"

Please contact us to see slabs available as each of these amazing slabs are one of a kind.
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